At Master Plan Homes we offer a full service solution to all of your home needs. Wether it be a remodel, addition, or new home construction we have the workforce, knowledge, and experience to accomplish your home related goals with the highest level of care. Our collaboration with our various in-house design teams assures that all aspects of your construction project is creatively and efficently thought out while being developed, thanks ot celebrating 35 years of experience. Outlined below are solutions for each of your projects' scope, please feel free to browse and find the right fit for your goals. If you have any questions on a project, or would like to begin a project please contact us at 888.672.0692 or click one of the links below to learn more.


Master Plan Builders, located in Youngstown Ohio, is residential homebuilder and developer with a strong focus in custom homes. We are a family owned and operated business celebrating over 35 years of building and developing hundreds of homes, villas, communities and light commercial projects throughout Ohio & Pennsylvania. Every year in business we have grown, along with our passion to build high quality, sustainable homes for our friends and neighbors.

Instilling Value
How much do you value your home? Many people throw the word “Value” around as a buzz word, but to us it means something more. Throughout the designing of home plans and building processes we take into account the long term investment you have made in your home. We believe value is seen each month, on every utility bill, and in sustainable products with extended lifespans and decreased levels of maintenance. Foremost, we believe the highest value your home holds, is the regard your family has for it. Which is why we work with you throughout every step of the building process to inform and ensure that you receive exactly what you’re looking for in your new home. We pride ourselves on our ability to surpass the expectations of our customers and build a home of their dreams.

Seamless Collaboration
Building a home is much like a symphony, not just one good piece or person can take credit for the entire project, but all of the different pieces must work together in harmony to create a quality product. Our very talented and experienced Master Plan team including industry manufactures, suppliers, and tradesman will leave your house resonating with quality and unsurpassed excellence.

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Please schedule a consultation at our Design Center (Located at 11624 South Avenue in North Lima, Ohio), call 888.672.0692, or click here to visit to learn about all we have to offer. We look forward to the opportunity to assist you in building your family’s future.

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At Master Plan Design, we offer variety of cabinets, countertops and flooring styles which allow us to give every homeowner the opportunity to fully realize their home’s potential with a customized experience like no other. Our kitchen design team, utilizes 35 years of experience in the home design industry to not only allow you to execute your vision, but also oversee the process from start to finish. The Master Plan Design Team will give life to the best parts of your home by implementing our exclusive products and providing meticulous installation for your new construction or remodeling project.

Whether your kitchen or bath needs a small makeover or complete redesign, having a kitchen designer on your project allows you to have access to tools for both planning and design that promote a smooth process and cost efficient timeline. Another benefit of accessing the seasoned kitchen designer's tool kit is foresight into trend and inside scoops including new materials, technical solutions and compliance to building codes. These assets allow you to achieve the highest value outcome for your project.

When first looking at all of the small details of your project the level of intricacy can be daunting. At Master Plan Design we break the process up into small easily digestible segments and take care of the logistics in the background, to eliminate all stress from the process. We essentially begin with a consultation, moving on to preliminary concept designs and then to the fine-tuning phase of the room concept. Once we have completed this area we move on to the final presentation and installation.

Peace of mind is one of the priceless comodoties that Master Plan Design delivers on every job, no matter how big or small the project. When you take your first steps though your project the senses of beauty, accomplishment and satisfaction will be ovewhelming!

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Please feel free to visit our Design Center also located at 11624 South Avenue in North Lima, schedule an appointment at 888.549.6193, or visit

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The Legacy of Avelllino is an exclusive waterfront community on Pine Lake featuring 26 home sites in Beaver Township, Ohio. Inspired by old world European architecture, these elegant, environmentally friendly homes will be constructed exclusively by Master Plan Builders utilizing sustainable materials and renewable resources.

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Old Saybrook
In the City of Columbiana this classic neighborhood offers lakes, fountains, walkways, and beautifully landscaped boulevards providing the perfect scenic backdrop for your next home. This community offers a full range of home styles including, Townhomes, Villas, Carriage Homes, and Single Family Homes.

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Arrowhead Back Bay
Nestled around Arrowhead Lake in Columbiana, the Back Bay is experiencing a new vision under Master Plan Builders’s dedication to provide the community with high quality homes. This community offers all the amenities needed to suit the needs of a modern family just outside your doorstep while embracing a nostalgic atmosphere.

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Silver Stone
Located in the Heart of the Boardman community Silver Stone Condominiums offers Spacious Two Bed/Two Bath units. These Condos include Attached Garages, Covered Porches and Balconies. Silver Stone Condominiums’ future development entails 5 buildings with with 6 units in each totaling 30 units of further expansion along with communal recreational areas.

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